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I spend a lot of my time networking in some of the different Facebook groups, some of them paid and some of them free and I see a lot of crossover of people in a lot of the groups.

Basically the same people, but using each group for different reasons, especially the free groups like UK Personal Trainers, looking to pounce on an unsuspecting personal trainer asking for help.

Usually the reply to the trainers question is “I've sent you a PM“, rather than giving out any actual advice that can help them out, because they are not interested in giving value, just making the sale.

I see it mostly with website guys, wannabe fitness gooroos, funnel experts and so called business gooroos.

They usually want to sell you their system to grow your business, but they have never grown a real business themselves.

In fact some of them still have day jobs.

Usually its a system they have just learned from another gooro, and they are literally repackaging it and selling it as theirs.

I see the same people in some of the other groups asking questions like “How can I build my business to leave my day job” and these are the people who want you to trust them to help them build your business when they can't even build a business of their own.

Its crazy!

If you are going to trust someone to help you grow your business, make sure they have a real viable business of their own, even better if they have had an actually fitness business that made actual money.

Do your research, ask for proof before you invest, and ask to speak to existing clients.


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