Why should you listen to us?

I guess I should introduce myself – I’m Liam Thompson, and I've spent a solid 15 years in the health and fitness industry before deciding to help other personal trainers grow their business. I put blood sweat and tears into my my bootcamp and personal training business. Dare I say it … I was pretty successful as well.

I want to tell you why it's becoming very difficult to get Personal Training clients from a traditional website. It seems easy on paper, you set up a website for your personal training business, you sit back and wait for Google to send you a flood of new clients eager to train with you. Then you wait some more and still nothing happens.

Yes, this strategy may have worked 5 years ago but times have changed my friend and things have moved on pretty fast in the online world. The top 5% of your competition are getting better at marketing and dominating your area.

There is more competition than ever before because of all the newly qualified PT's the training providers are churning out.

On top of that traditional marketing costs have increased so much they are no longer worth doing and........ not only that but your potential clients have become more savvy and are very specific about what they want from a personal trainer.

The static brochure PT website you might get from a web designer that used to work has now become as obsolete as the Yellow Pages. A symbol of a bygone era gathering dust on a shelf yet never being used as intended.

This is why the our Internet Fitpro "SWAT Personal Website System" is more more than just a website for your fitness business. It's a complete website and marketing system that can help you consistently attract the ideal high paying clients you need to grow and build your fitness business online and finally stop stressing about where your next client is coming from.

It is the ultimate short cut, step by step system to remove guess work and wasted time on your part and the best thing about it is that its been designed for personal trainers, by personal trainers who have already been hugely successful in the fitness industry and understand your business better than even you do.

A new SWAT 2.0 Personal Training Website can help you get more clients in as little as just 21 days.

SWAT 2.0 is much more than Just a Website For Your Fitness Business...

A Brand Spanking New Lead Generating Fitness Business Building Website

The end result of SWAT 2.0 is that we deliver you with a kick ass new website for your fitness business designed to give you a steady stream of leads on autopilot.

We will coach you to Identify your ideal clients

It’s no good being the jack of all trades personal trainer any more. If you want success you have to specialise. And to specialise, it's vital that you know exactly who your ideal client is. Our expert team will show you not only 'who' your ideal client is, but where to find them.

How to package your personal training services to make them more 10x attractive.

Most personal trainers and fit pros find themselves stuck in the cycle of selling sessions or classes or charging for their time. We'll show you how to put together a results based package for your fitness business to make your services highly attractive to your ideal clients.

Not only that but we'll show you how to charge exactly what you're worth without price ever having to be an issue again with potential clients.

Grow a list of raving fans ready to train with you

Experts say your 'email list is the nucleus of your business' and it's something we live and breath by at Internet Fit Pro.

Having your own list of raving fans and subscribers lets you contact them on a regular basis to build massive levels of trust so you no longer have to live month to month wondering where your next client is going to come from.

Imagine losing a client and being able to replace them almost instantly by sending out a single email to your list?

SWAT Fitness Sales Copy Creation and Sales Funnel System

A shiny new website for your fitness business is going to be useless without a system to get potential clients to pick up the phone and call you. It's the reason most web designers fail miserably and why 'DIY' websites never work.

We work with you personally to create a highly engaging sales funnel for your fitness business that's designed to take stone cold prospects to red hot leads.

Easily Get on Page 1 of Google in Your Town

If you're not on page one of Google as a personal trainer or Fitpro, no one will ever find you. We provide you with a simple system for dominating Google in your town.

Master Facebook Ads and Drive Targeted Traffic to Your New Website

There's no point having a new lead generating website if no one visits it.

Inside our exclusive members area, you'll find exclusive training how to become a 'Facebook Ads Ninja' when it comes to creating highly targeted Ads that talk directly to your ideal client meaning more sales for you.

Access to our Inner Circle Support Group

Want support from us as well as other ambitious and successful personal trainers on the same business building mission as you?

You get access to our online private support and mentoring group where you'll have complete access to our monthly live business building workshops as well as a community of 100+ successful personal trainers that we have already helped build their business.

Stand Out Like a "Fart in a Lift" On Social Media

Most Personal Trainers are doing it all wrong when it comes to social media.

Instead of shouting at the top of your voice 'buy my training', we'll show you how to maximise each social platform to reach more people and increase your engagement.

Easily Edit Your New Site Yourself

Not quite happy about your font or where an image is based? We give you the tools and system to edit pages yourself without all the 'tech' hassle.

Plus if it's something more 'tech' you'd like editing, our support team are on hand to do it for you.

 What else is in a SWAT 2.0 Website Package?

You'll get exclusive access our unique step by step training and then we create a website that can help you generate fitness leads on auto-pilot.

There are fitness marketing tutorials galore in our Inner Circle that you'll have access to 24/7 so you're never waiting for an answer.

Your new website will be designed to our proven high converting layout for attracting new leads and clients into your fitness business.

What Other Personal Trainers and Experts Are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"The guys at Internet Fitpro are the only people I would recommend when it comes to building you a website that will guarantee you leads and clients for your fitness business. In fact I even use them myself."

Paul Mort (Marketing Muscle Inner Circle)*
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“The support and guidance I've received from Liam, Matt and their team is second to none, and they REALLY understand the Irish and UK Personal Training market in a way other “fitness business” website providers do not.  An IFP client doesn't just get a website, but a total marketing, Facebook, and new client generation plan too. Definitely get the highest recommendation from me..

James Hanley (Revolution Fitness, Dublin)*
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Internet Fitpro has helped my business massively in the last 12 months.  The service level is second to none and the most important aspect is that, unlike many ‘website companies’ out there, Matt and Liam understand things from a Fitpro marketing perspective. This is huge in building out your site.  The support package is very useful too, as you can get your tech/marketing questions answered. In addition in the private support forum, you are around others in the same industry, with the same goals as you. Who you are around is a huge factor in success."

Russ Meadows (RM Fitness, Wigan)*
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“15 new clients in 8 weeks. 17 inquiries in the past 7 days. The most I've ever got. If you can do it or you're thinking about doing it, you really should."

Ciaran Clusker (The Fundamental Body, Co. Meath, Ireland)*

Is SWAT 2.0 Right for You & Your Fitness Business?

The SWAT Personal Trainer Website System is not for all personal trainers or fitness business owners, a quick glance below will let you know if you're in the right place or not.


  • Investment minded Personal Trainers who want to use the power of the internet to move their businesses forward faster with more leads.
  • Personal Trainers who are struggling to get enough leads from their current website.
  • Personal Trainers who have had enough of long and mundane 15 hour days working in the gym.
  • Personal Trainers who want to reignite their passion for a job they used to love and want to finally start getting paid what they are worth.


  • Personal Trainers who are happy staying stuck in their business.
  • Personal Trainers who are happy to train clients who they hate and who undervalue and under pay them.
  • Whiners, Moaners and Fitpros not prepared to take positive action on building a fitness business that serves them.
  • Personal Trainers who sells Herbalife, Juice Plus or anything promoting the benefits of Aloe Vera.
  • Zumba and exercise to music Instructors.
30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

If after getting access to our SWAT Website System for 30 days, you STILL don’t think it can help your Personal Training Business Grow, let me know – and I’ll refund any monies you have paid us in full.

You won’t be able to access any further content, or our community, or any coaching but you’ll have your cash back and I'll even let you keep the copy of The Clarity Project as my gift to you.  And that’s cool.

A Few Added Bonuses

Access to our private Facebook Group

Want support from us, and other trainers on the same business building mission as you? You get access our private support and mentoring inner circle included with your new website.


Office Hours = weekly conference call

Want to know the latest tools and tactics that are working for personal trainers?  You will find that in Office hours.  All the best advice we can give goes into these weekly calls.  And all you have to do is take action to get the best possible results for your fitness business.  


Free Website Hosting and Care

Nothing sucks more than being left on your own and not knowing what to do once you have a new lead generating website up and running. So we have included website hosting, backups and security to keep the bad guy hackers out with every website we deliver.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long will my new website take to build?

What happens after my website is delivered?

Why should I choose you guys?

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Why shouldn't I just go to a cheap web designer or use one of those free online design tools?

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