February 27, 2017     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Super quick on today as I'm just on the way out the door to 5 aside footy. Did you see the 6 nations rugby at the weekend?

Basically, Italy nearly caused a huge upset by employing some dodgy tactics and refusing to engage in rucks against England and it worked, at least for the 1st half.

As soon as England figured it our they went on to win the game by a decent margin and score 35 points. They had a strategy in place to win the game whatever (namely better players who were fitter and could adapt)

That's the difference between strategy and tactics my friend.

Tactics are always, always short term until they get figured out or banned.

Most of the gooroos and Internet marketers teach tactics, like the latest Facebook ad hack or instahack or snapchat tactics and they do work but only ever for a short while? Then what.

Just like ads to woofoo forms that all the fitness goroos were teaching last year don't work anymore.

What does work is the strategy and you can use it again and again.

Identifying a target market

Growing and nurturing an email list (that you own) and making them offers at the right time and adding value.

Know like and trust and thinking term instead of short term tactics.

Strategy wins every time and always will (and always has done).

So whats it to be?

Long-term business success strategy or short-term crash and burn tactics.

gotta shoot running late for footy



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