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March 17, 2015     /    Uncategorized    /    Liam Thompson

The Dark Knight Rises, what a movie, it's probably up there with my favourite films of the last few years.

But there is one scene in particular that makes the movie for me….

The prison escape scene in the pit….

Its the scene where Bruce Wayne keeps trying to escape from the prison pit that Bane has sent him to.

It's actually a metaphor for the fact that Bruce needs to let go in order to really escape the dark pit he finds himself.

This is the reason why as a perosnal trainer you can't help anyone until they let go and trust in the process.

Just like we can't help all trainers with their business because they are so far into the pit they can't even see the light at the top.

To succeed you need to be able to:

  • Let go of your fear of success, failure, change or whatever else is holding you back
  • Let go of your beliefs about money, success or how easy it is to get clients or what you are worth, just like your clients have to change their beliefs about food and exercise.
  • Let go of your ego and ask for help. Learn from people who have been there, just like Bruce Wayne learned from the child that escaped the pit in the Dark Knight.

It's also one of the harshest lessons we learned early on here at Internet Fitpro.

We know we can't help Trainers build their business using the internet until they are ready (an open).

Just like you can't help all your potential clients until they are ready………

……..but in the meantime you can let them know you are there to help them when the time comes.

It's one of the reasons why email marketing works so well.

You are always in the back of their mind.

Check out the escape scene from The Dark Knight Rises here on good old Youtube below:

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