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Common Personal Trainer Website Mistakes


It's Liam here from, The Personal Trainer Website Experts.

I want to talk today about some of the mistakes that most personal trainers make on their websites. The first one is really, really obvious, at least it is to me anyway.

No Lead Capture

It's the fact that most personal trainer websites don't have any sort of a lead capture form or any way of getting people's details when they visit your website.

So, for example, most sites that personal trainers have, when you get onto them, you'll just find that it'll be something saying generally what it is they do, and maybe their phone number, or maybe a contact form.

The problem that you get is that most people who are looking for personal training services, at least from our experience, they're not really in a position to buy yet. So, if they're just browsing around, they're just having a look at personal trainers in your area, and they might come across your site and they'll just press the back button and go and find another trainer, maybe have a look at their site. They might even be comparing prices.

So, how can you get around that?

Well, it's dead simple, really.

You have to give something in exchange for an email address.

We call this a lead capture or an ethical bribe

So, it could be a nutrition guide. It could even be a free trial to one of your boot camps. It could even be a be a “7-day drop 7 pounds plan”.
Basically, something that you know that the people that you want to work with are interested in and it has to be something of sufficient value.

Move Them Away From Pain

You want to solve one of their main pain points.

So, if you are talking 35 to 45-year-old females who maybe want to drop one or two dress sizes, one of their pain points is that they can't stick to a diet for any length of time.

So, you can give them away something that might help them with mindset and self control.

Whatever your avatar or whatever your perfect client is, the people that you want to work with, that's what you want to give them.

So, it's that easy to do.

Headline and Call To Action

You have a headline with a call to action.

On the headline is, basically, this is how you can help them. This is what you'll get when you download this free gift or whatever it is you're giving away.

A call to action is something like, “ claim now” or “download now”

Now, this is , really, really easy to do, guys.

There are loads of software out there that can set this up for you. You should be using email software anyway, things like AWeber, or Active Campaign, or even Mail Chimp. We don't really recommend Mail Chimp , but we know lots of people use that and lots of people love it.

Know, Like and Trust

Once you have their details (email address), then that allows you to then send them regular emails and build up some of what we call know, like, and trust.

So, you can tell people in your welcome email a little bit more about what you do, how you can help them. And then, if they're not ready to buy, you can make offers to a low barrier to entry product such as a free 7-day trial or even a 28-day challenge, anything really that will get people into your facility that might be sitting on the fence. So, regular emails are a great way of keeping in contact with perspective clients.

We use it here at Internet Fitpro.

I used it in my fitness business and it was absolutely great way of getting new business.

Even sometimes we find that we have people who were on our email list for the best part of two years before the joined.

People who are low on confidence who want training — well, they don't really want training. You guys should know that.

Sell The Result

They want the result that you can help them.

So, they want to drop two dress sizes and it might take them a little while to have the confidence to basically pick up the phone or fill in the contact form on your website.

So, by having them on your email list and having a download form on there where you can actually do that, that is going to straightaway put you ahead of your competition and put you in the top 10% of trainers because, I'm telling you guys, most people who don't understand marketing and don't do this, web designers as a rule will not put this on your website.

If you're stuck and you want someone to have a look at that first, get in contact with us. Our website is

By the way, if you want to get better at email marketing, I would suggest a guy called Paul Mort. Paul is an email marketing genius within the fitness industry. His website is Go ahead, check it out.


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