The Simple ‘Zero Hack Formula for Growing Your Fitness Business Faster

August 25, 2020     /    Fitness Business Coaching    /    Liam Thompson

There are many different strategies to market a fitness business, however many gym and studios often overlook one of the most powerful…

Building relationships and partnerships. If you're in need of a simple ‘zero hack' formula to grow your fitness business faster, this is how.

The Simple Formula for Growing Your Fitness Business Faster

Build relationships with people who are already selling to your potential clients.

One of the reasons I launched the Fitness Business Authority Podcast was so that I had a reason to build relationships with others in the fitness industry (and give them something of value).

It's probably been the biggest driver of our success over the last 18 months because it's allowed us to build and nurture relationships and strategic partnerships with businesses that are already working with to our ideal clients. (That's you btw)

Businesses like:

Lift The Bar

Team Up


Fitness Marketing Agency

Boosting Sales for Your Fitness Business in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1

Although it's a tool we have significantly benefited from, you don’t need a podcast to start building relationships and partnerships. 

All you have to do is ask yourself one question. ‘Who is already selling to my ideal clients locally, and how can I build a (win-win) relationship with them?'

Examples could be:

  • Local Physios
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauty Salons
  • Sports Clubs
  • Local Restaurants
  • It could even be the local coffee shop.

Step 2

You then need to figure out what you can do for them.

  1. Can you refer your clients to them?
  2. Can you invite them to do a Facebook Live?
  3. Can you invite them into your FB groups?
  4. Can you feature them on your blog?

Start the relationship off by giving instead of asking and you'll be surprised what you get back….. and as long as you think long term this will 100% work for you.

Why Building Relationships & Partnerships Is an Essential Marketing Strategy for Your Fitness Business

Building relationships and partnerships is a very powerful strategy when it comes to growing your fitness business. Start by researching who already sells to your ideal client, then simply offer value to them to create a partnership. If you're already marketing yourself, why not get someone else to promote you too.


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