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Controversial? Maybe. True? Without a shadow of a doubt.

One of the biggest mistakes I see with Trainers that are ripped is the quickness to get their tops off or get their “guns” out in their marketing.

On social media, on their websites, even on their videos of them training themselves.

Foolishly believing their own hype and that people will drop what they are doing right there and then and want to train with them immediately.

Here is why it's a dumb-ass way to promote yourself.

The harsh truth is that no one cares about you.

All it proves is that you know how to get yourself in shape and you are confident with your own body. It's all about you, and your potential Clients don't care about you.

They only care about themselves.

They want to know how you can help them achieve their goals (not yours)

They want to know that you understand what they are going through. Understand their pain, their struggle with food, their struggle with exercise. (Mission 2 in the SWAT website system we teach this)

^^^^^ The reason they are looking for a trainer. A trainer who has empathy.

Unless your ideal client is a men's fitness cover model wannabe that's is, but then they are probably in the gym working hard anyway.

Do you think that potential clients who see Billy Big Time with his 6 pack, huge pecs, slurping down his post work out recovery shake while counting out his BCCA's be inspired to take action?

No I don't think so. I think they will think “I could never be like that”, “I don't want to be that ripped”, “That guy must have no life”, ” That looks way too much hard work”.

Getting people to take action on your website is all down to convincing them that you understand their problem and you can help solve it for them.

But to do that you 1st have to know who you are targeting, another thing we teach when you invest in our SWAT website system for personal trainers.

Know your clients so well they will think you are a mind reader.

Its that easy.

SWAT: A complete website system for personal trainers that consistently gets new leads and clients


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