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Ever wondered how your competition beat you in the face with their Google Ad copy every single time?  OR how with just 140 characters you’re supposed to write a high-converting google ad?  I know, it’s like figuring out Twitter all over again.  But it can be simple if you follow these golden rules to high converting ad copy.

Let’s take a look at the structure of a Google Advert.  You’ll have two headlines at 30 characters each and a description of 80 characters.  That’s not much space and remember the golden rule that your key phrase must be in the ad copy for a good Ad Rank too.

We have used tried and tested well researched psychological triggers to create this blog post.  Many of the examples are based on the work of Dr Noah Goldstein and Dr Robert Cialdini who are experts in the field of psychological persuasion.

The Rules (Straight from Google) ;

  • No ads using profane language.
  • No making misleading or unrealistic claims regarding weight loss
  • No gimmicky use of words, numbers, letters, punctuation or symbols such as FREE, f-r-e-e and F₹€€!!
  • No  body shaming
  • No negativity related to physical attributes
  • No claiming you are #1 or ‘The Top’ without third party independent reviews on your site.

Be results driven

The client already knows what they are searching for, they just types it into Google.  So give them the next step and offer the result they are looking for.  Let’s use an example of someone looking for a Personal Trainer, what they probably want is fat loss.  So instead of a dull headline like;

Free consultation – with a Personal Trainer

Try something like;

Free lose weight consultation – with [Location] personal trainer

You’re then drawing attention to the end result the client wants and they are more likely to click on your advert than if you just give the same old story as everyone else who’s advertising.  

Make Time

People are searching now, they want the result now so make the ad relevant now.  Adding the month into the ad copy can really boost the urgency of the advert.  This could be something as simple as the example given below;

Personal Training in Location – Free consultation

Or maybe you have a limited time offer;

Personal Training in Location – Free consultation in January

Use Numbers

Studies have shown that using numbers can increase and advert CTR by 88%. By adding in the numbers the advert seems more credible.  You’ll have seen some of this in the advert examples so far today.  Which do you think is more effective?

36 People love – [Locations’] Personal Trainer


People love –  [Locations’] Personal Trainer

It’s about YOU

No not you, the client YOU.  Don’t fall into the trap of talking about yourself too much you want to focus on the client.  The word YOU is one of the most powerful words in the English Language (the other one is BECAUSE)  think;

You can lose weight – because you’ll eat real food

Rather than

People lose weight – eating real food

Social Proof Wins At Life

Experimental Psychologists have shown that social proof can increase compliance by up to 26%.  Thats a huge lift when you appeal to the social proof of people in your adverts.  You’ll want to show social proof in one of two ways, either by naming and ‘shaming’ or by popularity.

Jane followed this add and – she lost 3lb last week


89 people have lost weight – with this personal trainer

Using Fear Carefully

It IS ok to use fear in your adverts, but you must be very careful in the way you word things.  If you scare people too much they will block out the message and it will lead to inaction.  Instead we need to give clear instructions on what to do next to solve the problem.  So we take a headline like;

Scared about your health? – you should be

To something like

Scared about your health? – Call Us Today

Engage In Social Influence

Most clients, especially weight loss clients, have yo-yo’d for years.  They know this, you know this.  So next step is to tell them you believe it will be different for them this time round.  You can use headlines like;

Ready to lose your first 2lbs? – This time I know you can

You can lose 2lb a week – Together we’ll make it happen

Ask a question?

Questions can be really powerful in engaging a person to click on your advert.  This is especially true when you ask people to engage in a socially desirable behaviour such as getting fit or losing weight because they want to say yes.  You can try headlines like;

So you’re ready to get fit – lose weight and feel energise?

Hey, are you ready to get the – body you deserve today?

There you have some ideas and inspiration for writing killer copy for personal trainer google adverts.  Testing out combinations of great text is the key.  You’ll need to run more than one advert combination to get exceptional at google ads.  You can make a start today with our cheat sheet for setting up your first Google advert which you can get just by entering your usual details here.


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