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September 2, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

A while back, I got a sly punch in the kidneys from some dude on holiday when I was in a nightclub.

Why did he do it? and how can you use this to attract better quality and higher paying clients into your fitness business? Simple really.

He was most likely jealous, he wanted to be where I was. We had gone to Pacha in Ibiza to see Bob Sinclar and had paid for a table (basically £400) for a bottle of Grey Goose with mixers and that got me and my wife into the club as well.

No queuing, plus plenty of room to dance, in a private roped off area, then out of nowhere this dude walking past reaches over the rope behind my back and plants a sneaky punch right into my back and walked off pretending like nothing had happened just as I have having a dance with Mrs Liam.

I was livid, but what could I do, as I said it was probably just down to jealousy, just like the dude who keyed the Aston a while back.

So how can you put a velvet rope around your own fitness or personal training business.

Easy, all you need to do is make it application only.

Make your potential clients work hard to get inside your club. They will want it more, will pay more and will appreciate what you do more.

It basically means a better quality of clients who will pay more, be more compliant and stay with you for longer.

Its the reason why our programs including our SWAT personal trainer website program is application only as well.


You can apply here.

Liam “Sucker Punched” Thompson
Internet Fitpro
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