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I'm a big fan of the NHS here in the UK. I think they provide an amazing service that means everyone gets access to free healthcare no matter what income they earn.

A basic right in my opinion.

But they are painfully slow sometimes and that isn't a criticism in any way because they have lots of people to deal with and lots of different services to offer and sometimes you just want to jump straight to the front of the queue and get things fixed.

On Sunday I twisted my knee playing football and wanted to get it checked out ASAP.

So instead of going to my doctor and waiting to get referred to an NHS physio, I went straight to a private physio.

I jumped the queue and paid the grand sum of £60 to spend a full hour with a sports physio and find out exactly what was wrong with me less than 24 hours after the injury.

Turns out it wasn't the cartilage damage I was worried that it might be (as I already had some of that taken out in a previous surgery).

What it was was actually really simple, no damage to the knee at all but actually a tight IT Band, which was forcing my knee cap to track out of place and causing me pain in the knee.

The result for me.

Instead of waiting 3 weeks for a 15 minute appointment, I invested in getting it sorted straight away.

I can play football next Sunday (as long as I foam roller the crap out of it for the next 5 days.)

I now know my knee is in pretty pretty good shape after a thorough examination.

I didn't have to tell Mrs Liam I was injured again. Huge bonus!

I have a week of IT band foam rolling pain to get through (pain city)

Want to know where I'm going with this?

I'm giving you the opportunity for you to get a thorough examination of your Personal Trainer or Fitness business website for just £60.

We'll get on a Skype call and find the niggles and issues and get them fixed.

Things like:

Whats stopping people from buying your services or finding you and I'll even give you some actionable steps to fix it there and them.

All for just £60 (about $85) and I'll even throw in a full money back guarantee

Jump on it before I pull it down



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