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Ask any old school bodybuilder in a gym the best way to lose fat and they are going to tell you that you need to do a lot of cardio. Not just any old cardio, but the slow boring type.


Being a knowledgeable trainer you know there are easier ways to achieve this. Things like HIIT and Metabolic Resistance training for starters. Get your clients to do slow steady state cardio and their fat loss will slow down to a crawl even slower than a bodybuilders treadmill.

This is exactly what happens when you ask a web designer about marketing. He is going to tell you that you need to do SEO, because thats all he knows.

He doesn't know about email marketing or facebook or how you can get 30 applications in just 1 day to your program by spending £40 on ads. Even with good seo you wont get 30 applications in a month for a page at number 1 on google. I know I've been there myself. I had the number 1 on Google for “personal trainer Manchester” for 2 years and it probably got me 2 clients a month max, if even that.

Moving The Goalposts

Google changes the rules too much so you could end up wasting all your efforts and despite what you might get told, its incrasingly harder for new sites to get good ranking because one of the main ranking factors is trust rank and that takes into account how old the site is. Older established websites will rank higher in most cases.

Don't waste your hard earned cash paying for SEO when there are way easier (and cheaper) ways of getting clients and setting your site up to maximise this.

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