What If Eddie The Eagle was A Personal Trainer?

I got a chance to watch Eddie The Eagle movie on the flight back from New York on Tuesday night. It's based on the story of Eddie Edwards who was Britain's 1st ever Ski Jumper at the Olympics and finished dead last in the 2 events he competed in. 

He became a celebrity off the back of this for being a plucky loser with a never give up attitude.

What I didn't know was that Eddie was actually a downhill skier who just missed out a place in the British Olympic team and moved to ski jumping because there was no competition for a place

He basically created his own niche to guarantee a place at the Olympics.

With no one else to compete with in Britain all he had to do was jump the qualifying distance, which he did.

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Eddie was smart.

he knew that creating a niche eliminates the competition, removes comparisons (especially around price) and can make you stand out.

It's what most personal trainers should be doing with their fitness business if they want to charge more and stand out more.

Creating their own niche instead of just being another personal trainer like all the other personal trainers in your town.

Becoming a category of 1

Be smart, be like Eddie




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