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We all know the shelf life of a Facebook status is about 24 hours and a tweet much less at 1 minute.

So this is why creating evergreen content is so crucial.

You put blood, sweat and tears in to your content and how disappointing would it be if it was only to be shared for a short period of time?

Evergreen content must be useful and relevant to have staying power. Basically it cannot be time constricted or outdated very quickly.

Evergreen content doesn’t have to have a specific amount of time it must be relevant for, It needs to have sustainable success which makes it shareable after it was originally posted.

It goes without saying that he content should be amazing but there are a few other things you should consider.

Ask yourself:

1. Will this blog be relevant 6 months from now?

2. Is it useful to my readers?

Be the expert

Don’t scrimp with word count, an evergreen blog should be in-depth and comprehensive. Ensure that you blog can be understood by a complete novice and afterwards they feel they have a good grasp of the topic.

The perfect blog is said to have a word count of approximately 1600 words so aim for that.

Be ultra-specific

This means you will be able to target your content to your niche and ensure it is easy to read as well as write.

Having a specific topic which can then lead to other posts you have written ensure you give a complete solution to people who come across your website. Not to mention that internal linking gets brownie points from Google for SEO purposes.

Examples of evergreen content for Fitpros

  • How to overcome common obstacles to diet and weight loss for *insert niche*
  • Everything you need to know about cleaning up your diet
  • 7 Top Tips for being more productive
  • Step by stop guide to running your first 5K
  • Best practices for building a healthy lifestyle when you work long hours
  • What every first time gym goes NEEDS to know
  • Why having a PT is the BEST way to get results
  • How a PT can actually save you money in the long run

With the titles try and make them specific to your niche where possible, this will set you up as the expert and build like know and trust.

Also make sure you have a tracking pixel on your blog so you can target people that have read your work with your advertising to build a better relationship

What next?

So you have spent time writing your awesome evergreen content, you’re researching it, made sure it’s useful to your followers and you got the perfect image to go with it.

For every blog you write you want to squeeze every drop of content out of it.

1. Twitter – create 5 unique posts to share the blog – you can use the heading, sub heading,

quotes, stats etc.

a. Post 2-3 times on the publish date

b. Post 1-2 times per month

2. Facebook – create 5 unique posts to hare the blog – you can use the heading, sub heading, quotes, stats etc.

a. Post 2-3 times on the week you publish

b. Post every 1-2 months

3. Share the full blog Google+ on date of publishing

4. Create a VLOG – talk to the camera about the blog content following the gist of your written blog. Ensure you have a CTA (call to action at the end)

5. Make in to a Podcast

a. Direct upload this to Facebook with one of the 5 headings you have created

b. Upload to your You Tube channel (or Vimeo/Wisita) using your keywords and a heading your followers would be searching by

c. At a later date this can be used a series for a free or paid course to build your list

a. Strip out the audio from the VLOG an add to podcast

b. The audio can also be added to the blog allowing people to listen rather than read it

6. Create an infographic to share with your more visual followers. This can be done very cheaply using www.fiverr.com

a. This infographic can be added to the blog and emailed out to your list using an intriguing email headline and a snippet from the blog sending the to your website to read the full blog

7. Using the graphic you created from the blog to create an Instagram and Pinterest friendly to send people to your blog. This can be done using www.canva.com

a. On Instagram put the link in the bio and make sure you add a CTA to go there to read it!

b. With Pinterest you will be able to send people directly to your blog post.

Take home points

The main purpose of creating evergreen content is that it needs to be timeless and helpful, high quality content.

Re-purposing the content other social media platforms means that you are covering all bases and you will get as much as possible out of every piece of content.

If you have any comments or questions please post them below and I hope you found this blog useful.

About the Author

Kelly-Marie West of The PT's Personal Assistant a self-confessed workaholic who is fanatical about organisation and systems. Has been quoted to be “organisation personified” who takes attention to detail and over delivering seriously.


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