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Why Should You Consider Investing in A Lead Generating Personal Trainer Website

Fitness Industry Experience

Unlike many web designers, we come from a fitness industry background. This means we understand the market and the emotional reasons why people buy personal training. Simply put we know what works to help you grow your fitness business faster.

Simplicity = Results

Just like an effective fitness program, the less complicated, the better the results for you. We've taken the same approach with our website and marketing systems. Designed to get you the best results for your fitness business. In this case, more leads, more clients and more profit for you.

We've Got Your Back

Our dedicated support team of graphic designers, programmers & marketing team are always in your corner. You can concentrate on doing what you do best. Delivering life changing fitness and personal training sessions for you clients.

Personal Trainer Websites

Many Personal Trainer Websites Struggle to Attract Quality Clients on a Consistent Basis

You may already have a personal trainer website but it probably doesn’t bring in many leads or clients. Maybe you rely on social media, but feel it’s a struggle to get people to sign up.  Especially with the competition from other personal trainers, low priced gyms and Instagram models.

Maybe you feel stuck or lost right in your personal training business right now?
Here at Internet Fitpro we get it.  In fact we’ve been there ourselves.  We have both had successful fitness businesses.  Serving clients 1-1, in small groups and even had successful thriving bootcamps. 

It Wasn’t Always This Easy For Us

When we initially wanted to grow our own personal training businesses we knew that we wanted to attract more clients online.  Unfortunately we were let down time and time again by well meaning but clueless web developers.

They just didn’t understand marketing and especially not fitness marketing.  In fact most of them wanted to build flash expensive brochure personal trainer websites.  There was zero thought about how they would work when it came to attracting new personal training clients.

After wasting huge amounts of time and money on these well meaning but ultimately useless web guys. As a result of this we created our own personal trainer websites framework. We developed unique systems that allowed us to help other personal trainers, just like you, Systems to help trainers get clear on their marketing message. How to use the marketing message to attract new clients from the internet and social media.  By showing you how to identify who you want to work and understanding how you are uniquely positioned to help them. Helping you avoid the same mistakes that many Personal Trainers fall into marketing their services online. We can help you succeed in the fitness industry.

Don't just take our word for it


The guys at Internet Fitpro are the only people I would recommend when it comes to building you a website that will guarantee you leads and clients for your fitness business. In fact I even use them myself.

- PAUL MORT Marketing Muscle Inner Circle


Internet Fit Pro has helped my business massively in the last 12 months. The service level is second to none and the most important aspect is that, unlike many ‘website companies’ out there, Matt and Liam understand things from a Fitness marketing perspective. This is huge in building out your website.

The support package is very useful too, as you can get your tech/marketing questions answered. In addition in the private support forum, you are around others in the same industry, with the same goals as you. Who you are around is a huge factor in success.



The support and guidance I've received from Liam, Matt and their team is second to none, and they REALLY understand the Irish and UK market in a way other “fitness business” website providers do not. An IFP client doesn't just get a website, but a total marketing, Facebook, and new client generation plan too. Definitely get the highest recommendation from me.

- JAMES HANLEY Revolution Fitness Dublin

Chris McCombs Testimonial


I've been let down by a lot of web developers over the years. Either they took forever, or screwed a bunch of stuff up and didn't take responsibility for it, you name it. I was recently looking to re-launch my website. I asked around for a good developer and a number of people said Liam and Matt would get me squared away. After reviewing estimates from a number of companies and developers I chose to go with Internet Fit Pro. And I'm so happy I did because they were fast, professional, and catered to OCD which I think a lot of developers would find overwhelming. I've been marketing online since 2004 and am hyper-specific on how I want things. I make my living online so I take my websites very seriously. It's how I feed my family. Well, I was BEYOND pleased with the work Internet Fit Pro did.. I'm super happy with the website and am damn amazed by how smoothly it went. There were a few complex things I needed done, and I couldn't have been happier with how they handled it. Internet Fit Pro has made my life easier and my business smoother to run. Couldn't recommend a web dev service more. By the way, they did NOT ask for this testimonial. I was so happy with the job they did I wanted to let people know how satisfied I am with the service.

- BIG CHRIS MCCOMBS Fitness Marketing Expert


I was at rock bottom, really struggling to get in front of my target audience, flyering, Google Ads just weren't working for me. The truth is I was broke and really scared. I knew Facebook was a powerful tool but had absolutely no idea how to implement it and get leads. After seeing an ad on Facebook which exactly described my situation, I finally got in touch with Internet Fitpro. Liam called me as soon as I filled out the form and I knew within 5 minutes he and Matt could help me. Fast forward 2 weeks and I have 50 leads in my inbox PLUS 25 HOT leads. 5 of these are booked into my diary for next week. Matt & Liam are knowledgeable, understanding and genuinely want to help, for me this is the start of a life long partnership. I'm and happy about the future and cannot believe I was so close to quitting 2 weeks ago! I highly recommend them to personal trainers that want to create a sustainable business with quality leads and learn how to do this long term! I cannot thank the boys enough!

- NAOMI GIBSON Girls in Gloves

Our 4 Stage Personal Trainer Websites Acceleration Plan

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Answer Some Questions About Your Personal Training business

Tell us a bit about you and your personal training business. The type of clients you want to attract from your new personal trainer website. How your business works, and they types of goals your current clients have. We want to get a complete picture of you, your clients and your business.

Our Team Build Your New client Generating Personal Trainer Website

We take all the info you have given us and take away all your website stress. Sit back while we create an amazing bespoke website based around you and your unique fitness business. You won't need to waste hours trying to work out what you need to write, because our team of fitness copywriters can do it for you. And we know exactly what works.

Ongoing Websites Support

Once your new personal trainer website is live we will show you exactly what you need to do to to get the most from it and start generating new leads and grow your fitness business. With our comprehensive library of video tutorials and access to team of experts, you will feel like you have your own personal marketing team in your corner. You won’t need to worry about any of the technology either as we have your back on that as well.

Some of Our Personal Trainer Websites

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Tara Hammett is an online health and fitness coach based in Swansea, Wales. She specializes in helping busy mum's lose weight, rediscover their self confidence and take back control of how they look and feel. Tara's website is designed to sell more of her Life Transformer 12 Week Body Plan packages and memberships.

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ICON Gym is a boutique small group personal training studio based in Maidenhead, England. Greg and his team at ICON help women lose weight, tone up and feel better.

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Evolution Project is a group training facility in Camberley, Surrey. It's a great example of a professional looking website for a boutique gym that consistently generates leads for it's owners. James and his team have been working with us for over 5 years and this is the third update of his website.

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"Big" Chris McCombs is a blogger and fitness marketing legend. Our website team worked with Chris to update his old website into a modern, mobile responsive site designed to maximise traffic and collect email addresses. Chris' site gets so much traffic that one of his blog posts has been shared over 35k times on Facebook so our servers had to be able to cope with that.

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NUYou Pilates is a pilates and fitness studio based in Hertfordshire, England. Our brief was to design a website for them that not only generated leads but also one that fitted their brand both in messaging and with a modern look and feel.

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Noah is a Personal Trainer based in Canary Wharf in London. He works with busy stressed professionals to help them get in shape and get more productive. Noah wanted a site that would not only help him get found on Google, but also one that would help him grow his business.