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Getting clients and leads for your fitness business isn't hard. In fact its so easy that just this week we have helped Naomi Gibson from London get over 20 applications for her Boxing Fitness Training in just 3 days

All you need is a proven system or what we call a sales funnel.

That hombre is mistake numero uno.

Not having a proven system or funnel to collect leads, email address and phone numbers of clients who are desperate to work with you.

Mistake number 2 is trying to sell from the word go and looking like a desperate guy in a night club chatting up every chick who he sees. Some times you have to play the long game to get the best action.

The third mistake i see most trainers making is not investing in themselves and their business. Let me ask you a question. How can you expect to ask a client to invest (a lot of money in you) in you, if you are not prepared to invest in yourself? One for you to think long and hard about my friend.

If you always choose the cheapest option, the cheapest website, the cheapest equipment, cheapest mentors, the cheapest everything, are you really surprised when your clients want you to be the cheapest in town?


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