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How Much Do You Charge? I get this question all the time from potential clients and it infuriates me.
How Much Do You Charge

Usually it's from people shopping purely on price and looking for the cheapest personal trainer in town. Most of the time they are not a good fit for my Personal Training business anyway and I explain this to them?

You see the people who pay the least are usually the ones who are the least committed to their training and nutrition.

They are also the biggest complainers and give you the biggest headaches as clients.

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Let me give you an example

Just yesterday I sold a 2 month £500 a month personal training package to a girl with lower back posture problems who found me via my own website.

She wasn't shopping on price because she had an issue that she knew i could help her with. After the consultation she has agreed to give me £1k ($1,500) for 2 months of training. Instead selling her training sessions though I was selling her on the fact that I could help her with her lower back issues and postural problems.

Moral of the story here really is that if you are selling on price and still selling training sessions you need to look at your packages.

Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

Most people don't want training sessions they want solutions to their problems, so start selling the solution.

This is why we are not web designers at Internet Fit Pro nor do we want to be.

Yes we will put together your website for you, but more than this we will teach you how to get clients so that your website is an investment that makes money rather than costing you money.

A website should 100% be an investment not something that costs you.

Go for the cheap option and it could end up costing you more than you think, especially when you end up having to get it redone with a team that understand personal trainer and fitness marketing and sales copy that sells your services.


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