Should you put prices on your personal trainer website

April 25, 2017     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Internet FitPro

To put them on or not to?

That is the question.

Should you put your prices on your Personal Trainer website?  This is a debate I've seen rage on social media and no matter who you ask you will get a different answer.

The problem is if you don't, you get bombarded with messages, simply asking you how much you charge.

If you do, then you risk putting people off when they see you are more expensive than the personal trainer down the road.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been torn about what to do over the years with my own fitness business.

From experience when I excluded my prices I would have conversation after conversation with someone.  The only question they had as soon as I got on the phone was “how much do you charge”.  Of course there are ways of fielding these questions too but thats a story for another blog post.  Here I'm just going to focus on your website.

Then I tried putting my prices clear and easy to access on my site and my leads and call requests dried up.

People didn't see the value and the service that I could deliver.

That was untill I worked out this little strategy.

I wanted a way I would show the value I could give and how I would be the best trainer for them to choose.  I also wanted to justify why I wasn't the cheapest trainer in my town.

So here's what you can do.

Let them see that you can solve their problems.  Show that you understand what their problems are and how you are going to help them.

Show them the value you can provide.  Explain your system, how you work and why it will work for them.

Answer their questions before they see the prices on your website.  Think about the things that people ask you everyday and simply answer these.  The visitor will feel like you are reading their mind.

If someone is interested in working with you and is really looking for your prices I believe they should be able to see them.  However I don't have a problem with making them work for it.

Make sure they see the benefits working with you can bring to them. Demonstrate your expertise.  Show them social proof or testimonials, and explain what you do and how you do it.  When they have seen this they will be ready to see the prices on your website. It's that simple.

How to put your prices on your website practically

Here are the main two that will work and that I would recommend.

1.  Put your prices on a page that is not on your menu bar, then have a link from one of your other pages.

2.  Ask the visitor to opt in to view your prices or download a guide to what you do (like a prospectus) or send them autoresponse emails to continue to explain your value, and let them know what investment options you have.

My favourite is the first way.  You can root out those who are looking to buy only based on price if it is an issue.  You know if they have gone looking around your website and are interested in your services then they will most likely be a good fit. They see the value and benefits they are looking for from working with a Personal trainer.


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