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November 13, 2018     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

The Fitness Business Authority Podcast is a fitness business podcast for personal trainers and fitness professionals.

Fitness Business Authority Podcast is an opportunity for business owners whether as a personal fitness trainer or gym owners to get insights, ask questions about social media and marketing. A place to find out what makes Fitness Business Influencers successful.

The Fitness Business Authority Podcast will give you exclusive access to leading fitness industry experts. People who can help you reach and influence people in your fitness business.

Fitness Business Podcast Guest Interviews

Regular interviews we have had on the podcast include:

  • Ryan Lee
  • Liam Thompson and Matt Murphy talking about Facebook Ads and Websites for Personal Trainers
  • Pat Rigsby
  • Paul Mort
  • Mike Samuels
  • Tim Green from Team Up
  • Sukh Sidhu from Online Personal Trainer
  • Rahz Slaughter
  • Joe Percia
  • Jon Goodman from The PTDC
  • Online Super coach AJ Mirzhad
  • Ben Coomber from Ben Coomber Radio
  • UK Personal Trainer of the Year Sam George

You can check out the Fitness Business Authority Podcast or find it on iTunes, Spotify or wherever great podcasts are heard.

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