A shortcut to success in your fitness business

August 28, 2017     /    Fitness Business Coaching    /    Liam Thompson

When I was struggling as a Personal Trainer I invested around $1000 on a Chris McCombs online mentoring program and it included a couple of 1-1 calls the premise of which was basically this:

“If you want to make a great living as a personal trainer you have to leverage your time by training people in groups. You also have to get people to pay you monthly on direct debit or on their credit cards. “

Great Advice

It was great advice but ultimately advice that I didn't listen to at the time because I didn't believe that it was possible. Like a lot of personal trainers I thought I knew better.

The truth is I was stuck in my ways as a 1-1 personal trainer in a commercial gym. All around I was also surrounded by other trainers with exactly the same limiting mindset.

I didn't believe that people in my town would pay more than £30 for personal training sessions. I also didn't believe that they would pay monthly in advance for personal training.

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On top of that I didn't believe that I could get the same results for people, training them in groups. So I stuck to doing 1-1 training and working 15 hour days, plus Saturday mornings.


Simply because that's what everyone else in my gym was doing. I was following the crowd.

I didn't believe that good sales copy on my website or “American Style” marketing would work because it was too personal and too harsh in cases. This is exactly the reason why it does work.

Single page sales letter don't work I was told, by people who had never actually tested them.

But I was wrong on all the above. In fact I went on to bust all the limiting beliefs. At one point was charging £500 ($750) a month for personal training programs and £147 ($200) for a group training program.

A lot of the trainers I worked with back then (5 years ago) are still pulling 15 hour days in the same gym.  Grinding it out.

My advice to you

  1. Don't let your limiting beliefs about your current reality hold back your fitness business.
  2. Never let them stop you investing in your business.
  3. Don't let your limiting beliefs prevent you from investing in your business and not taking action on what you learn.

Not taking action is probably the worst thing you can do.  Especially if you have someone in your corner who has been there and made the mistakes so you don't have to.

That's the beauty of our Accelerate Personal Trainer Website System. You get to learn from 10 years of testing and mistakes by myself and Matt so you don't have to find things out the hard way like we did.

A definitive shortcut to success in your personal training business.


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