50k a year personal trainer from 18 hours a week

October 20, 2017     /    Email Marketing For Personal Trainers, Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

In 2011 I quit my job as a Personal Trainer in a big box gym with over 3,000 members and started working from a private personal training studio. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my fitness business.

So yesterday I had a coaching call with Steve a new personal trainer based in London. He was struggling to sell sessions and personal training and didn't know how to scale his business without working loads of hours.

Keeping It Simple

Most trainers make it way more complicated than it needs to be. But it's really easy, so I wanted to share this in the hope it will help you.

Within 12 Months of leaving the commercial gym I had built my business to a 2 tier business earning £50k plus from only 20 hours per week coaching.

Most of my clients coming from my website and email list. (The same strategies we teach in our Accelerate Website System)

Turn Your Fitness Business Website into a Client Generating Machine

"Free Guide: The 7 Secrets of A Profitable Fitness Business Website"

This was before I added my online program, before I started to scale and bring in other trainers. This was a perfect business model for a one man band personal trainer like I was at the time.

It's actually really simple, and anyone can do it.

I was selling my results based 2 in 12 program (not personal training or sessions).

I was selling essentially the same system (drop 2 sizes in 12 weeks) and clients were paying based on how much personal access they got to me (either 1-1 or in large bootcamp style groups)

Here is the break down:

  • 6 x 1-1 clients paying £347 ($500) per month and training twice a week: £25k per year from 12 hours per week
  • 35 group training clients averaging £79 per month: £33k per year from 6 hours per week

That's £58k (about $80k) per year from just 18 hours per week coaching.

And the best thing about it?

You get to work with clients who were are a great fit and love what you do.


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