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have you ever asked yourself which Social Media Channels Should I Be Using as a personal trainer or fitness business owner?

One question I keep being asked by Personal Trainers is which Social media channels they should be using.  The honest answer is that it depends on who you are trying to attract to your fitness business, and that naturally comes down to your client avatar.


I would start with Facebook, as it’s the biggest show in town and generally no matter who you’re after they will be there.  Next, I would look at one, maybe two other channels that your ideal client hangs out in.

And that’s it.  I wouldn’t advocate being on every Social media channel, because you will end up diluting your message and make it much harder on yourself to keep up consistency in posting.  Not just that, but you waste your time being in channels where your ideal client isn’t.

I really would recommend that you master one or two channels properly and consistently and you’ll get enough leads coming in to power your fitness business to success.

So, which other channel should you pick?

I’ve gone through a few options for you to look at and choose, depending on your ideal client.


Instagram is perfect for most Personal Trainers.  It’s highly visual and for around 80-90% of you, your ideal audience is there.  It also links in perfectly with Facebook for running ads. Mostly becasue it's owned by Facebook.


If you want to target professionals, you should be hammering LinkedIn as your ideal client will undoubtedly be there, and the platform is set to be one of the big successes of 2019.


Youtube is also a great place for you to build an audience for your personal trainer business, as long as you can shoot quality content (which you can then share on your other Social channels) consistently.  Get that right and you could have a lot of interest in your services. A plus point of YouTube is that its great for SEO and helping your Personal Trainer Website rank higher on Google


Lastly, Twitter is a place where you can round up people who aren’t on Facebook or Instagram.  It’s a huge channel and shouldn’t be ignored, although you can sometimes feel like you’re wasting time there as Twitter users also tend to have Facebook/Instagram.

Don't Worry

I wouldn’t really worry about the rest of the Social channels out there.  Snapchat is toiling badly at the moment because Instagram stole a lot of their features and it was never going to be able to compete with the bigger networks.  Reddit, Quora, Periscope and others of that type are still currently too small to be of any real interest if you want to build a large following.

So just to recap, the most important piece of advice I can give you is to work out your ideal personal training client first before deciding which Social channels to be on.  It makes the decision so much easier if you nail that and know where your ideal client hangs out.

I’d usually go for Facebook plus one other and really do those channels well before thinking about taking on another channel.

Get your choice of Social media channel right and you could really dominate as a personal trainer in your local area.


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