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There is a guy that trains in the gym I go to near where I live just outside Manchester.

His name is Chris, but everyone in the gym calls him Combover Chris because he has this comb-over trying to cover his patch.

It actually looks pretty ridiculous, a bit like a cross between Bobby Charlton in the 60's and The Christian Bale character in American Hustle.


Chris is in denial that he is losing his hair and is trying desperately to hide it. Personally I would just lob the lot off and have it over and done with.

Kinda reminds me when i was working as a trainer at LA Fitness in Manchester.

I couldn't see outside of the gym, I had no idea that you could find clients out side of a gym, you could say i was in denial.

But the fact this is exactly where most of the people who need your help as a quality trainer are. The people in the gym have made their choice and are working towards their goals.

The best clients for you are the one that are still in denial, just like Combover Chris they might be looking on your website but they are not ready to buy yet. They are the ones wearing baggy jumpers to hide things. They might be looking but they are not ready to buy yet. (number one reason why your site probably doesn't get you any clients if you have one)

This is why you need a to know how to collect their email address before they leave, so you can stay in touch like a supportive friend until they move out of the denial phase and into acceptance and decide to ask for help.

Who do you think they are gonna ask?

Liam and Matt

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