charity muggers

August 19, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

It should be 100% legal to punch these dudes and dudettes square in the face in my humble opinion (charity muggers, not Personal Trainers).

When they stick out their hands to shake yours with their fake smiles you should be able to plant one on them right in the middle of their boat race.

Every day when walking though Manchester I get accosted by one of these smiling assassins using their newly learned NLP techniques to try and build like-ability and trust and get me to donate to the charity of the day.

Usually it's Shelter or Save the children. Sounds like I'm and un-charitable tight grinch, in fact far from it. It's just that I donate to the charities that I want to.

Charities that resonate with me and not because some spotty scruffy teenager getting paid £10 an hour to accost me in the street thinks i should.

This is exactly how your potential personal training clients feel when you try and sell them something they don't want.

Does the mum of 3 who is struggling at weight watchers really want a bikini body? Newsflash, does she heck.

Does the beer bellied dad want a six pack? Maybe a six pack of beer and that's about it.

So what do these people want to buy from you? 

They want to feel less like crap and fit into the jeans they have in their wardrobe that they haven't worn in 2 years. They don't aspire to have six packs or bikini bodies and in fact if your website has pictures of these trying to sell your services they will switch off because in their minds that's not what they want.

You have to sell what people are buying not what you think they are buying and the easiest way to do that is know thy avatar. That's why its Mission 2 in our SWAT program.

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