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Not sure if you have noticed but there is a bit of a trend going on in the fitness industry at the minute.

A few days ago I got involved in a Facebook convo regarding pricing of boot-camps and personal training.

Now I'm a big fan of charging what we as trainers are worth, but many of us don't do it because of fear.

Just this morning i got a groupon email offering 10 bootcamp sessions for £9 (nine, just in case you think that's a typo and screen shotted below)




Also you shouldn't really be selling sessions anyway but that's an article for another day

A trainer was charging £25 for up to 14 sessions per month at their boot camp and including all sorts of nutrition and recipes.

She was then wondering why people were not committed.

I told her that I thought she should  up her prices to try and attract better quality clients.

Clients that are prepare to show their commitment but putting some skin in the game.

Cashola to you and me.

I was told by the group moderator this was “guru advice” and they don't follow the gooroos.

The thing is, its seems to be popular in the fitness industry to bash the Gooroos at the minute.

Even the so called Gooroos are bashing the Gooroos.

But here's the thing.

The gurus (correct spelling)  are dead right about pricing.

Why would you work with 15 clients at £30 a pop to earn £450 when you can work with 5 clients at £97, earn more and give them an even better service and more of your time.

Maybe its time to give the so called gooroos a break.

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