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How to get more twitter followers for your personal training or fitness business.  Here are 10 easy to do things as a personal trainer or fit pro you can start doing today to build your tribe on twitter and get more followers.



1. Content is king

This is the single most important thing you can do on twitter (and on your blog, and Facebook). Tweet great content that people will want to read and share with their friends and their own followers. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your knowledge.

2. Don't over do it with tweets

By all means promote your blog posts, programs and boot camps using twitter, however try not to over do it.

There is a risk of filling up your followers news feed if you tweet too much. No one likes to have their news feed hijacked, so make sure that you don't post too much.

3. Follow other people

Follow back is a great rule to live by on twitter. You could even tweet the person and thank them for following you, which might even get a you a re-tweet. Following people that you want to connect to as well is also a good tactic.

4. Have a great picture

Put up a profile picture of yourself. Its that easy. Just make sure it looks professional. your clients do not want to see pictures of you out on the lash with your mates in Magaluf.

5. Put a link on your website (and to your website)

Add a link to your twitter account in your emails as well as on your website and blog.

6. Use #Hashtags when tweeting

Yes do use hashtags, but makes sure that you don’t tag everything. No one likes  #people #who #tag #every #tweet#like #this.

if  The tweets that generate the most re-tweets, replies and clicks to your blog are the ones that only contain one or two hash tags around the topic of the tweet so use with caution #weightloss #fitness

7. Chat to people

Twitter is a social network, so be sociable. Make sure you engage with your followers, take an interest in what they have to say and reply to them.

8. Tell Your story

Don’t leave this bit blank. This is the first thing your potential followers will read as soon as they visit your profile. Explain who you are, tell us what you do and add a link to your website.

9. Post Images

Share pictures of things that may interest your followers. They could be before and after pictures of current clients or even weight loss recipes. DO NOT post images of yourself topless or puking up after a tough gym session unless you want to scare people off. Remember most of the general public do not love fitness as much as you do. If you are targeting cross fit type people then ignore that last sentence as they love that stuff.

10. Ask your followers to re tweet your tweets

This won’t always work, especially if you add RT to every tweet you post. But when you have content worth sharing outside of your follower-base, it can be a very effective way of getting your content to go viral.

So there yo go 10 ways to get more twitter followers.

Remember though, it's not just about how many followers you have one Twitter. It should be about engaging with your potential clients. Post great content and build relationships with other users. This is the key to a great Twitter account for your personal training or fitness business.


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