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July 23, 2014     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

Every so often a fit pro registers themselves on my email list for my own personal training business. The want to see what I’m emailing about and why my boot camps are so busy.

Usually they can’t resist making a know it all comment of one of my emails, which is great because I can unsubscribe them there and then.

This one today in particular described herself as a fitness instructor and told me that my prices were ridiculous. I charge £497 per month for 3 session per week PT package.

“You are taking advantage of people with low self-esteem” she told me “I’m a fitness instructor and motivation is free”

Yeah motivation is free but if you are paying for it then you are going to be a lot motivated.

If all this free motivation is working then why do we currently have an obesity epidemic on our hands?

Two lessons to learn for you guys and you can have these for free:

1. The more you charge the greater the compliance in your program. No more whiners, moaners, freebie seekers and deal jumpers waiting on the next Groupon special offer before they jump ship to your competition.

We get asked if we can do discounts on websites for fit pros and the answer is always the same.

That’s a Negative Ghost Rider

2. By pressing people’s emotional buttons in your marketing and your website, yes you might be focusing on self-esteem, but you are ultimately helping them.

We do it at here at Internet Fit Pro. We tell people their site sucks and that it probably doesn't get them near as many clients as it could do, then we build them a client getting website and teach them how to use it.

Yes there a bit of emotional pain at the start but its win win for everybody

You get new site and a ton of new clients

We get paid for helping you.

You get to help more people get fit or whatever it is you do.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Liam “Straight Talking” Thompson

Internet Fit Pro

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