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Ugly Website Equals 8 New Personal Training Clients

This is a 100% true story. All over the media this week, some bloke called Darren Donaghey has just been named as “the punching above your weight champion of 2014”. It turns out this fella is not too blessed in the looks department but he has somehow managed to bag himself an amazing looking wife.

We are talking Hollywood or supermondel looks here by the way

Google it if you don't believe me but its been all over the all the news this week.

The story reminded me of one of our clients who is picking up personal training clients with ease.

Just like clued in Personal Trainer Kelvin McIntosh from Oxford who is one of our SWAT Inner Circle Members at Internet Fitpro.

Turn Your Fitness Business Website into a Client Generating Machine

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Unlike Darren, Kelvin is a good looking lad but his website certainly isn't (at least not yet)

We are working on his site at the minute but while this is with our design team, we put up a temporary one page version so he could get his group training “Better Body Project” up and running.

That's a great name for a program by the way.

Anyway this 1 page website along with a simple strategy we showed Kelvin has brought him over 70 enquiries and 8 new paying clients in less than a month.

This one simple strategy has effectively paid for his new website in full in month 1.

Check it out below. Its not pretty but it works harder than an elf on Christmas Eve.


What would 70 enquiries a month do for your PT or fitness business?

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