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In Dax Moy’s excellent Fitness Marketing made simple group on good old Facebook over the weekend there has been a lot of discussion about where to go to get your website done if you are a personal trainer.


Now I’ m going to be honest with you here, web designers are 10 a penny as are do it yourself web options.

Even Dax (The most expensive personal trainer in the world) said he never pays more than £200 for a website.

Dax knows his stuff though and knows what he wants when it comes to his websites and how to market them.

You can go and get a site done on one of the outsourcing portals like Odesk and Elance for around £200.

This is a great option of you know exactly what you want. There are even services that do websites for personal trainers for around £300 per year and again if you know what you need then these are a great option for you.

Here is the problem though and it's one that I see a lot

Most personal trainers don’t know what they should have on their websites.

Most personal trainers websites are all me me me.

“Look at me, look at my qualifications, look at my abs. I’m insured as well don’t you know.”

Let’s catch ourselves on here for a minute, being insured should be a minimum for any trainer, but when was the last time a client or potential client asked you if you were insured. In fact when was the last time you were asked for your qualifications?

If you are like me then the answer is a resounding never.

So how do you turn a website visitor into a buyer?

That’s probably the number one question that you need to ask yourself when you are getting a website site done for your personal training or bootcamp business or your gym. If you are selling personal training then you are probably charging at least £35 per session.

Hopefully you are packaging your sessions in to monthly packages if you are smart so that means an investment for the client of at least £300 a month. This is not the sort of purchase that people take lightly. It’s a big investment for a lot of people

When was the last time you spent £300 on a service straight away after visiting a website for the 1st time?

It just doesn't happen that way. This is why the number 1 aim of your site should be to get your visitors email address. You do this by giving them something of value that they would want.

Putting up a website with your logo business name, services, and picture of you with your top off and your prices is not enough these days.

You simply must create a connection with your visitor. The best way to do this is by telling them what they are going to get or telling your story. This is really powerful if you have a rags to riches type story or been on a weight loss journey yourself.

Your story by the way is not how many boy scout badges you have or qualifications you have or how equipped your gym is or what insurance you have or how many reps points you have.

People honestly don’t care about that stuff.

They want to know 2 things. Why should they listen to you and can you help them with the problem that they have. That my friends is it.

I have more bad news for you as well.

The general public are not looking for a personal trainer. They are looking for someone to solve their problem.

You see personal trainers are also like web designers . They too are also 10 a penny. Personal trainers, boot camps and Zumba instructors are all a commodity.

If you don’t stand out and resonate with your visitors then your do it yourself or Weebly website is not going to get you many clients no matter how little you paid for it.

Here are 3 questions that you need to ask any potential web designers when you are getting work done on your site

  • How can they help you to get your visitors to leave their email address with you?
  • How can they help you get more relevant traffic to your website, both paid and free. The key here is the word relevant. The only traffic that counts is traffic that fits in with what you are selling. If they promise you free likes to your Facebook page or free twitter followers (and there are companies doing this) I would be very skeptical unless these are targeted followers from your area that are likely to invest in your services.
  • Do they understand your market and what influences people in you market to buy your services and can they prove it. Ask them for testimonials from clients that have sites that are performing for them by getting them more clients. That my friend  is the only thing that counts. It doesn't matter how good looking a website site is or how great the design guys were to work with.  The only thing that is important to you is if it gets you more quality clients and you get a good return on your investment.

If they can't answer these questions then you need to find someone who can.



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