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October 14, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

It's not even Halloween yet and I actually heard my first Christmas song yesterday. I accidentally locked my self out of the house yesterday like a dumb-ass so I had to spend the day working in a coffee shop until my wife came home from work.

The song reminded me of my first few Christmases as a personal trainer. I actually hated it, especially as my wife's birthday is 21st December and 1 joint present was not going to cut it, so I was in double when it came to gifts.

December as a personal trainer can be tough, even brutal, especially in a big box gym.

  • Clients cancelling because of parties and nights out.
  • The 3 week break until the January rush, that really donet start until mid January.
  • 3 weeks of not getting paid plus loads of cancellations makes for a miserable Christmas for a lot of trainers in the industry.

Especially when you have Christmas presents to buy and extra travelling to do. Its no wonder so many trainers leave the industry and go back to “normal 9-5 jobs”.

But it doesn't have to be like that for most Personal Trainers as I discovered when I learned how to put clients on payment recurring schedules.

This meant I got paid all the year round, even if they cancelled on me last minute or went on holiday. I did this by learning to sell results and packages rather than sessions or classes. I even had massive resistance doing that because I didn't think that people would pay me monthly.

Even people who knew me didn't believe that clients would pay £97 ($150) per month for what was essentially group training.

Its the sort of stuff we teach you how to in our inner circle when you sign up for our SWAT Personal Trainer Website Program.

Check it out.

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