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Here is something me and Matt here at Internet Fitpro are quite passionate about teaching is that when it comes to marketing, promoting and delivering your fitness business services.  Principles are the most important thing that you can focus on and the best thing is that looking at your business using principles, is that they never change.

Principles Vs Strategies and Tactics in Your Fitness Business

Strategies and Tactics can change all the time, especially when it comes to marketing a personal training or fitness business.

Whether its the next “ninja Facebook ad hack”, the latest funnel software or the over-hyped BS that you are just 1 funnel away from a six figure personal training business. It's all tactics and it's all either BS or short term thinking.

the truth is that if you want to grow a fitness business that serves you for the long term then you simply must be thinking long term.

Principles of Fitness Business Growth

It is our belief that when you build  your fitness businesses on principles it will thrive and serve both you and your clients:

Here are jut a few of the principles that we believe and that we believe  you should follow

  • Always treat people with respect, especially your clients
  • Know who you serve like you know members of your family
  • Understand who you serve, what they want and how you can help them achieve their  health and fitness goals
  • Start with adding value to people lives instead of trying to sell your services
  • Building relationships should always come above trying to sell your services

How To Use This

Here is an example of what I mean.

Grow your Audience  (building relationships) and add value before trying to sell (The Principles)

How To Add Value (the tactics, the stuff the gurus and internet marketers try and sell)

  • Write a blog with some advice
  • Write an email to your list
  • Start your own local fitness Facebook group
  • Record live social media videos on Facebook and Instagram offering value to YOUR audience

As time changes the tactics above will change but the two principles of adding value and building relationships will stay the same.

So if you want to attract more clients to work with you focus on the principles of building a fitness business.

Start with your business principles and then move on to strategies.

You, your fitness business and your bank balance will thank you for it.

Trust me on that.

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