The “Low Barrier” Trial Offer for Fitness Coaches

November 28, 2019     /    Uncategorized    /    Liam Thompson

The first step in the buying process in any fitness business should be to get someone to take a small step towards their goals. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by creating a low barrier to entry offer.

What's a Low Barrier Offer?

Its a method of giving people a little push to make the first step to do business with you and become a client.

Its often used in the form of a free trial, discount, or by throwing in something extra. An irresistible offer that wouldn't make sense to turn down.

The Free Trial

Giving away a free trial is a great low barrier offer that will get people into your gym. The first step to getting the chance to convince them to sign up with you.

Amazon and Netflix do this when they are selling memberships. They give you a 30 day trial for free before you start paying. So we know that this low barrier to entry stuff works.

How many emails from Amazon Prime or Netflix have you had to delete that are offering a free month trial (or are still sitting in your inbox if your anything like me)?

The purpose of these offers is to get you onto the free month trial where they can then convince you to stay.

Be Less Worried About Giving Away Stuff for Free

Giving someone a free trial shouldn’t be seen as working for free. Look at it as an investment. Your investing your time for the potentiality of them signing up with you and becoming a life long client.

People want to find out about a gym/studio before investing. Allowing people to see what you have to offer is more likely to increase your clients.

“But I don't want to give away a free membership because it just attracts time wasters” I hear you say.

Well, time wasters are not the problem. The only thing holding you back is your performance in getting them to stay. When you get someone who comes in for free, it's your job, it's your responsibility, and it's up to you to WOW them.

It's up to you to convince them to stay.

Even Though Something Is Free, It Doesn't Mean You Can’t Over-Deliver and Go the Extra Mile

A great example of this is a small independent gym we work closely with who offer a free trial week.

During this trial week, new members are given a nutrition plan to help them benefit the most from the time they spent at their gym, even if you don't decide to stay after the trial.

During the consultation with them, they will find out your goals and write up a nutrition plan based on what you want to achieve. They also gave recommendations on supplements and offered samples for them to try at the end of the week.

You might be thinking, “That seems like a lot of time and effort to put into something with no return.”

That's where you are wrong. There is a return, a big return in fact. A couple of hours a week to help someone, and you potentially gain a life long client.

That's a good return!

By Over Delivering With Your Trial Client, You Are Giving Them a Reason to Stay

They will be impressed and wowed by what you offer.

This shouldn't just be limited to plans and products either.

If you have a potential client or member in for a trial week and you help them lose five pounds, the trust is that they are never going to go anywhere else. By working  with your trial clients the same as any paying client, you are investing in them becoming a long term member.

Use a low barrier to entry offers to get people into your facility and then do everything in your power to keep them there (just don't kidnap them)


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