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What If Jesus Was A Personal Trainer?

Personally I'm not that religious, I was brought up as a catholic in Ireland but to be honest it's sort of forced upon you as a kid in Ireland.

A bit like the way herbalife reps try and force their wares on you.

But anyway, I like the story of Jesus, Its kinda nice.

Was he actually the son of God or a crazy David Icke type character?

Who really knows?

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But he definitely in my opinion was the genius marketer of his day.

He knew how to get people to take action and follow him.

He told stories, stories that people could relate to, stories that we're believable, stories that inspired them. Stories about the issues of the day.

If Jesus was a personal trainer he would be cleaning up.

Telling stories about his struggles and how he over came them, being able to relate to his potential clients.

Stories are the most influential marketing messages you can put out there.
Way more powerful that “buy 10 sessions get 2 free” or “boot camp starts Monday”

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