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July 27, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Good personal trainers know when it comes to getting results with your clients that mindset is everything.

Same thing goes with the trainers themselves, although most trainers don't take the advice they dish out to their clients.

Take this one trainer I spoke with a few weeks ago about helping them get a website that converts into high paying clients.

After our chat they said

“I’m going to see what I can do by myself, I’m going to create my own website and then
if I’m really stuck I’ll reach out to you for some for some help…”

Great idea in theory, but you and I both know from experience that never works.

Just like the PT client that reckons they can lose weight on their own, it never ever works out that way. They usually stay overweight and stuck in their habits.

But, fair play to this trainer for making a decision, at least they are taking action to push their training business forward even if it is misguided.

But they are actually harming their training business and income in the long run by doing it this way…

Let’s look at the numbers…

Option 1: Cheap Charlies DIY Option: £200

Most 1-1 personal trainers should be averaging at least £1200 per new client.

He decides to go with a cheap website option like wix and either does it himself or pays a cheap web designer with no marketing experience to put it together for him and maybe even do some pointless SEO work for him as well.

He doesn't know what to put on there so he whacks up a few pictures of him, six pack showing and some text about how he is the best qualified and has the most insurance out of any trainer in his town.

He might get a few clients if he is lucky, but guess what sort of clients “Cheap Charlie” is gonna attract?

Yup Cheap Clients, that complain and moan when they don't get results.

You see Charlie can't expect investment minded clients if he is not an investment minded trainer. That my friends is the way of the world.

Option 2 : £1497 or 6 x £297 (SWAT PT Website and Marketing Program)

Investment Minded Alex decides to invest in his fitness business, works with us to create his perfect client, the one he really loves working with.

We put together a slick site designed to get only the clients he wants to work with and who will pay top dollar for his services, by identifying the problem his clients want solving (not training by the way)

How to package his services so he can sell more and work only the hours he wants.

Follows the system to find hidden cash in his fitness business and picks up minimum one new client every 2 weeks (conservative estimate)

Alex's £1497 investment has made him over £30k minimum in just 12 months and that's just new clients.

That's a 20 times plus return on investment and he gets clients that love working with him that get great results and refer their friends to him.

Investment Minded Alex or Cheap Charlie: Which one are you?

Investment minded Alex's can click here.

Cheap Charlie's the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this email.

You can apply for the SWAT personal trainer website and marketing program here

We're taking a maximum of 2 new investment minded trainers on board this week then we are closing the doors to work on our new coaching program and the fact we are having mastermind day in London this week as well.

Liam Thompson
Internet Fitpro
Helping Investment Minded Personal Trainers Build Their Business Online


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