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August 5, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Every year Forbes magazine publishes the movie star top earners and for the last three years Robert Downey Jr and Bradley Cooper have been the number one and two in the list.

Exactly what you would expect as these two are pure box office gold, what with blockbusters like American Sniper and the Iron Man movies.

But number 3 this year really surprised me.

No.3: Adam Sandler, yup the dude that hasn't done a funny movie since Happy Gilmore, but it makes perfect sense for lots of reasons.

He owns his own production company Happy Madison, nothing to do with Ashley Madison btw, and takes the majority of the profits and he makes himself the star.
He puts out a shed load of content, 14 films in the last 5 years alone.
They are all goofball comedies aimed at a very specific target audience.

The dude is really just a bad actor who happens to be slightly funny but who knows how to leverage himself to make a bucket-load more Benjamins in fact.

Same way successful personal trainers are not always the best at what they do, but they know how to market themselves and leverage their time and put out lots of content in front of the right audience.

They have their own email list of hot prospects and don't rely on Facebook for clients
They put out lots of their own content (daily emails and blogs)
They know exactly who they are targeting instead of “anyone who wants to get fit” like most personal trainers
They get it, just like Adam Sandler and our SWAT Clients

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