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March 3, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing, Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

Let me tell you a quick story……..


When I started out as a personal trainer working at LA fitness in Manchester I tried to do everything myself, looking back I now know this was a huge mistake.

I designed my own flyers and even put together my own website and I'm not a designer. I'm not even remotely good at design. Crazy or what?

That's why we have a design team here at IFP

Looking back at my old flyers and old website, I can honestly say that both were awful.

Today it's even easier than ever to do things like these yourself though.

There are loads of  tools for building websites and even though some of them are free, none of them will tell you want you need on your site and there is also another big downside to these cheap and free tools……

Here's the thing though, when your website says free website by Godaddy or 1-1 websites, what do you think that conveys to your site visitors?

Cheap Charlie or High End Harry

Do they see you cutting corners and being cheap? or do they see you a top end professional who gets results for their clients?

The truth is that you can't expect to charge top dollar for your services if your website looks like its been put together by a 12 year old……

……and that's before we even look at what's on there, the content and what compels people to buy your services.

It's simple really its all down to how you want you and your fitness business to be seen.

It also frees up your time to train more clients, after all that's why you got into the industry?


Closing Down

I'm closing our SWAT personal trainer website and client attraction program at the end of this week to new trainers so if you want a converting website that looks good as well as how to drive traffic to it, you have until the end of this week to jump on board

Check it out below:

Websites for Personal Trainers

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