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I’ve gotta be 100%  honest here I think Jeremy Clarkson is a tool of the highest order and that is something that as Personal Trainer you can learn from to get more clients.

Matt on the other hand loves him.

Now I’m not telling you to start turning into a Daily Mail reading middle aged man with a beer gut and become known for your racist behaviour……


You can learn a lot from Jezza

Vanilla he is not. That is for sure.

Divides Opinion

He divides opinion.

He makes front page news on a regular basis usually because of his views and his program Top Gear is the most watched TV show on the Planet.

Lots of people love him. In fact over 300,000 in the last few days have signed a petition to reinstate him to Top Gear this week after he allegedly punched a producer, despite being on a final warning.


On the other hand lots of people think he is an over paid and maybe even a sexist dinosaur.

What you can learn as a PT

Don’t be Vanilla when it comes to your fitness business.

Think herbalstrife is pants, say so…

Believe in clean eating over IIFYM? Put it out there.

Stand up for what you believe in.

Voice your opinions and stick to them.

You will turn away some clients but on the other hand you will attract the ones you want to work with and here’s the kicker
my friend…..

…….. They will PAY YOU MORE to work with you.

Being Vanilla is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your fitness or persona training business.

Here are 38 more mistakes that personal trainers are currently making in their fitness businesses:

Check them out below

Liam “#ClarksonOut” Thompson


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