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Would you like to spread the cost of a lead generating website for your fitness business over 12 months and get started today for as little as £197?

Today I'm releasing 3 SWAT PT Website Packages via a special payment link (at the bottom of this email).

But 1st you need to know exactly what you're gonna get:

Here is What You Get When You Invest in The SWAT Personal Trainer Website System

A Kick Ass Lead Generating Website to Help You Grow Your Fitness Business

First and foremost, the end result is that we deliver you with a kick ass new website that is designed to provide you with a steady stream of leads into your fitness business and then we show you how to use it get more leads in to your fitness business.

But the SWAT is not just about the website, it's also about your fitness business because we want to you to succeed in your fitness business so before we even look at the design stuff we need to help you with the content and in order to do that we have a bit of work to do together, so here is what else is included……

We will coach you to Identify your ideal clients

If you don't already know it, having an ideal client or an avatar as we call it will make life a lot easier for you when it comes to marketing and selling your services. The 1st thing we do in the SWAT program is to show you our exact step by step system how to do this this and then show you how do a little research on your “ideal clients” and identify their pain points and how you as a fitness professional can solve them. This task alone will put you ahead of the 95% of personal trainers in terms of marketing and will make you stand head and shoulders above everyone else in your town. This is the part that most trainers skip, but it also happens to be the most important.

How to package your personal training services to make them more attractive.

Most personal trainers and fitness professionals are stuck in the cycle of selling sessions or classes or charging for their time. Part of the SWAT program is that we show you how to put together results based training packages for your fitness business that will make your services more appealing and more sellable to your ideal clients.

The truth is that most personal trainers undercharge for their services so we also show you how to charge what you a worth and how to add value so that price never becomes an issue for your prospects.

Grow your own personal email list

Growing an email list of potential clients for your fitness business and emailing them regularly is vital. It means that you can have a steady stream of prospects ready to start training with you at any time. Your new website will be set up in a way that makes it easier for visitors to leave you with their email address so you can stay in contact and showcase your expert knowledge.

Imagine losing a client and being able to replace them almost instantly by just sending a single email to your list, you would never ever have to worry about where your next client is coming from ever again.

SWAT Fitness Copy Creation and Sales Funnel System

A shiny new website for your fitness business is going to be literally useless without a system to get potential clients to take action. This is where most web designers fail miserably and why DIY websites never work.
We will work with you to create a sales funnel for your business that is designed to take your site visitors from stone cold prospects to red hot leads. In addition to this we show you exactly what pages you need on your new site and how to provide us with the content that will persuade people to take action.

While we won't write the copy for you in this program, we will show you exactly what to provide and give you examples and templates to work with other fitness websites that are smashing it out of the park. This will include the content that needs to go on your home page as well as the pages that we recommend your site must have.

Once your new site is delivered we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to get more traffic to the site

Get on Page 1 of Google in Your Town

Its not our main focus of what we do but your new website will be fully Google friendly. This will give you the best chance of appearing on page one of Google in your area plus we will show you exactly how to set up your Google business listing for maximum impact and how to climb the rankings in your town.

Master Facebook Ads and Drive Traffic to Your New Website

Training videos in our members' areas and access to our experts in our private member's area will teach you how to use Facebook adverts to drive more traffic to your website and to get more people to your new website and how to convert them into paying clients.

Standout On Social Media

We will show you the social media sites you need to be on as well as how to set each one up for success straight from the off for maximum impact on your business. We even include guest training in our member's area from experts in social media platforms.

Access to our Facebook Inner Circle support group

Exclusive access to our experts and other successful fitness professionals in our private members Facebook group. Learn and get advice from other successful personal trainers who are using our system to build their businesses.

Easily Edit Your New Site Yourself

Each personal trainer website we deliver come with access to our Website video user manual tutorials right from within your private website dashboard. This will show you exactly how to add blog posts, add new pages and make changes to existing pages with ease and with literally no tech skills needed. If you don't want to do that we provide you with 3 support request a month for small changes at no extra cost for 6 months.

12 Months of Support and Care Included

Noting sucks more than being left on your own and not knowing what to do once you have a new website, so we have included 12 months of free care with every personal trainer website we deliver today.

• Full Website and Email Hosting (including up to 2 email address for your domain). 99.9% uptime guarantee
• Weekly backups of your website on our secure cloud storage
• Daily updating of your website to keep all plugins and files up to date and as secure as possible from hackers because nothing makes your site more vulnerable than out of date plugins.
• Security software plugins including Antivirus and Antimalware protection to help keep your website safe from the bad guys.
• Our Hacking Guarantee. If your site does get hacked or taken offline we promise to have it back online within 24 hours.
• Up to 3 Minor Website support requests per month via our support desk, so if you need some minor changes or fixes we can get that sorted for you.
• Access to our premium software licences including gravity forms for application forms direct from your site, Thrive leads for building your email list even faster, and easy video suite for hosting video on your site plus we will add any new marketing software and plugins we purchase to your site.
• Access to the Internet Fitpro Inner circle Facebook Support Group as well as our online Marketing Tutorials Including any we have not yet added)
• Exclusive access to any webinars we do, expert webinars, marketing resources and personal invites to our exclusive in person masterminds and get stuff done days.

Your investment

12 monthly payments of £197 – Click here

Your special payment link

Rember 3 places only and the link goes down as soon as they are gone.


Internet Fitpro
Lead Generating Websites For Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals


SWAT is a step by step Personal Trainer Marketing System that guarantees leads into your fitness business.

You don't need to try and work this stuff out yourself


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