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I can still remember my 1st day as a personal trainer really clearly. I had finished my Premier Training diploma just 3 days earlier and here I was monday monrning 7am starting work at a commercial gym in the centre of Manchester.

I was super eager and enthusiastic to help everyone I came into contact with, but it didn't always work out like that.

Some clients that just never got the results and I had no idea why not (at the time at least).

Then fast forward a few years and I see the same thing in the personal training industry.

Personal Trainers that never move forward with business, always broke and wondering where their next clients are coming from despite having invested in at least more than one of the so called fitness business gooroos and read all the books.

These trainers can't be saved until they change the way they think. And the the way they act.

Change the way the approach things and decide to stop looking for the shiny object that is going to ride in and save their asses from a life of mediocrity.

There is only one thing that can save these trainers.

Pulling their fingers out of their arses, rolling up their sleves and doing the f*cking work (especially the right work).

^^ That's it.

That's the secret to success in business.

Truth is most systems the gooroos teach will work if you implement it.

Even our SWAT PT website system has the ability to ignite your business, but what happens if people don't take action?

Should you ust leave them in limbo to move on to the next gooroo or shiny object?

We don't think so

Sometimes you have to give them a little nudge to get them started.

So, yesterday we locked 5 Fitness pro's in a room in central London sat them down with imaginary guns to their heads and made them write the content for their websites and then afterwards we went for a few beers to celebrate job done.

We even had 1 guy fly over from Dublin for the day to make sure he got it finished.

The websites that we are building for them as part of our SWAT system.

In 2 weeks we have another one in Manchester and that's full as well.

We might even make this a regular thing as part of SWAT.



Internet Fipro
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