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I've recently taken up Boxing Circuit Classes to try and shift some of the weight Im carrying at the minute along with tracking my calories and macros using myfitnesspal.

This year I've noticed that its only when I track these things that I actually get results and having been a trainer in the past I should know better.

For me the 3 things I need to track are, exercising (that's easy), calories / macros and water intake.

Track these and get results, pretty simple eh?

But I also use the same method in business to grow.

Setting Goals and tracking them with actions.

Here is what I mean.

I use something called The Self Journal to track my goals and actions and be more productive.

I'm 5 weeks in to my latest one a I and set a goal of £45k in new business sales here at IFP in 12 weeks and 5 weeks in, So far I'm well on track (actually a little ahead).

Here's why:

My actions are designed to take me closer to the goal.

Add 600 new emails to our list (that's only 7 a day) and create 3 new lead magnets to do this

Daily emails (5 times a week)

Follow up on leads within 24 hours and post 5 helpful Facebook posts per day in groups im in.

^^^ These are all track-able and make the process of growing our business easier.

It's also step by step, do this and do that and guess what.

That's also how we developed our Personal Trainer Website System.

Step by Step, easy to implement tasks for you to go through and track your progress to a lead generating business building website.

Tracking the tasks that help you grow is the key to growth, just like getting your clients tracking the things that help them lose weight is the key to them losing weight.


Internet Fitpro Personal Trainer Websites That Build Businesses


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