December 16, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Yeah, I know the gooroos tell me I'm supposed to be emailing you every day, but I've been a busy little bee this week.

Last night I took the father in law, Norm, to see Star Wars: Rogue One in 3D and he loved it. I'm not the biggest Star wars fan but really enjoyed it.

My main focus this week however has been on my book. I'm beavering away to hit my deadline of 23rd Dec to get it to the publisher so that s my main focus until it's done and i'm about 5,000 words away.

Here's what I'm working on today, loads of lessons for you if you want to sell more high priced personal training session or bootcamps.

The automotive industry is place to learn the sales process of high value stuff.

Now, I'm not talking about the “honest john” type second hand car saleman, but how a professional dealership in conjunction with the car manufacturer goes about selling a brand new car.

It's really a step by step system designed to take you along a specific journey which ultimately ends with you driving away in a new car.

Their adverts draw you in with the features, benefits and the touchy feel aspects of the car, even the looks.

Here is the interesting and clever thing about these ads.

The call to action and the point of these ads is not to sell you a car.

It's “come in for test drive” or “test drive one today”.

Basically take the next step in the process.

They know that most people are not going to invest in a big investment like a new car, just from seeing an ad on TV or in a magazine.

That's why they have salespeople in the dealerships.

It's not until you go into the dealership and take the car out for the test drive that the selling process really begins.

The test drive is the low barrier to entry offer. It's a small commitment that takes you a step closer to the larger commitment of owning the car.

In addition to selling you the car, the salesperson will break the payments down into “low month payments” because they know that is also a smaller commitment than the full cost of the car.

Plus once you have made the commitment of buying the car, they will then try to sell you extras like alloy wheels, built in navigation systems and leather seats, which is basically an additional commitment.

If you take one point from this, it should be that the sales process is best broken down into a series of small commitments, each one taking your prospect closer to their goal (or indeed your goal).

Most trainers get this wrong by trying to sell big packages off the bat!

This strategy works in fitness and personal training just as well as it does in the car industry.

In fact it's the system that SWAT Lead Generating Personal Trainer Websites are built on.

That's why it works.

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