April 3, 2017     /    Fitness Business Coaching    /    Liam Thompson

Last summer I wanted to invest a fair bit of cash on a new business coach to help push on with things a bit here at Internet Fitpro.

At the time the coach we were recommended was charging £1000 per month for his mastermind (and it would probably have been good value as well).

I had a chat with him on the phone and was generally happy with the outcome, but I had to clear it with joint boss man Matt before investing.

It wasn't the investment figure that was out of the question. Matt and myself sat down and eventually we decided that we could use that cash elsewhere in our business.

We didn't want to get things back to front, like we see a lot of personal trainers doing.

We decided to take that £1000 and invest it in Facebook Ads to help grow our email list via our website, because we already had all this in place.

(This is vital if you want to win at fitness business or any other business).

The fitness industry is crazy for stuff like this.

Afraid to Invest in Your Fitness Business?

I know some personal trainers that won't think twice about blowing £3k on a piece of paper that calls them a Bio-signature practitioner and then throwing £6k at a mentor or “gooroo” and then they balk when we tell them they need to invest £10 a day in ad spend to build their email list or drive traffic to their websites.

Meanwhile, across town the newly qualified trainers that “get it” are kicking their assess all over town when it comes to business.

Successful personal trainers don't care about the next fitness boy scout badge. They also don't get seduced by the slithery sales talk of the next in vogue fitness business “gooroo” of the moment charging £10k.

Th truth is that building a successful fitness business is actually pretty simple when you know how.

Here Is the Simple Fitness Business Building Formula

  • Know exactly who your perfect clients are
  • Make them an offer that solves a problem for them
  • Invest in targeted getting traffic to your personal trainer website
  • Ask for their email address
  • Communicate on a regular basis
  • Get clients on the phone or in for a consultation
  • Sell them on to long term monthly packages

That my friends is the basis of our SWAT Personal Trainer website system

If you are one of the personal trainers that “get it“, then you can apply to work with us here. That is we will build you a website for your fitness business that integrates the system above.

All you need to do is add traffic.


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