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There are plenty of services on sites like Fiverr that offer to sell you 500 Facebook likes or twitter followers to personal trainers for $5. I even had an email this morning offering these services.

Buying Facebook Likes
There are even companies that throw in 500 or 100 likes as part of a bonus package for personal trainer website design.

So should you takes them up on the offer or head over to Fiverr and buy yourself a boat load of likes.

The answer is a resounding no way and I’ll tell you why below.


When you use a service like this the chances are that these likes will be from fake profiles. At some point these accounts will probably be banned or deactivated.  What is the benefit of you having 500 fake likes or 500 likes from the USA if you are based in the UK? None! They are never going to invest in your services even if they are not fake account.

Talking about you

Likes are not the only relevant factor in how your fan page performs on Facebook. The algorithms also take into account how many people are interacting with your page. You can see this in the “Talking about” stats. These stats are put together to create what Facebook calls Edge-rank.

This is basically the social media equivalent of search engine optimization and will determine how many people see your fan page posts. Having tons of fake or paid for likes means there will be no interaction on your fan page and it is less likely that your post will be seen by the people you actually want to see them. You are actually harming yourself by buying likes.

On top of that when you boost your Facebook posts, you will be paying for irrelevant accounts to see your post and essentially wasting your money twice.

How to get more Real likes

If getting likes is your goal on Facebook then her is what you should do

By the way you should always be working to get people away from the  hustle and bustle of Facebook and on to your email list where you. Here is an example

You know when you have been chatting to a girl (or a guy for the girls) in a bar and you try and convince them to go somewhere quieter so you can chat more and hear each other?

What you are doing here is taking them away from all the noise and the competition so you can close the deal and get his or her number. This is exactly the reason why you should be trying to get your Facebook likes on to your email list. Basically Facebook is the bar where you go to meet people, your fan page is the dance floor and your job is to progress them to somewhere quiet (your email list).

So back to getting more likes

Invite relevant people on your friends list to like your page.

Relevant people by the way are people in your area who are likely to buy your service. This could be friends, family, current and past personal training clients.

There is absolutely no point inviting other personal trainers and fit pros to like your page.


Post great content and offers

Facebook is a social media site and if you create something worthy of sharing then there is a good chance it could go viral. Competitions and offers are a great way of doing this. Remember you also need to be engaged with your fans and provide value as well so regular updates, replies to comments and liking people’s comments will increase this (and your Edgerank).

Pay for some ads

Pay for some Facebook ads by targeting people in your area. You can even drill it right down to your target age group and gender. Facebook is doing some really cool stuff at the minute especially with custom audiences. (we teach this stuff in our inner circle by the way)

To Conclude

Facebook is a great place to meet potential clients buy you should never pay for likes unless they are targeted at the people who you want to attract.

Once they like your page you should be working to get them away from facebook and on to your email list. You can get yourself on our email list using the box below and we will send you lots more tips for getting quality clients using the internet.


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