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I know it’s a weird title for a blog post but read on and you will understand because that's exactly what most fit pros are saying on their websites and its one of the reasons why most dont get the clients they should from their sites


Back in 2009 when I was still doing my premier training course I had a website built for my new personal training business. It read
something like this.

“Welcome to Northwest Personal Training. My name is Liam Thompson I am a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer and fully insured”

It had a contact us form and about me page and a picture of me in my new LA Fitness uniform.

At the time it cost me about £400 to be designed and built and I thought that all I would have to do was put it up and the clients would come flooding in.

So up it went and I waited and waited and waited………nothing I think it was 6 months before I got a client from it and even then
they only came in for 1 sessions.

This was back in the days when I was charging per hour and didn't
offer packages. I never ever knew if a client would still be with
me the week after.

The thing is at the time I thought I knew everything about marketing my services online after all I had come from an eCommerce
background. Difference was that I was going from selling products at £15 to a service that was very different. A typical personal training client now will usually spend £1400 with me over a 4 month period.

I have moved on and so has my website.

I now know that the main reason that we have a website is to get your potential clients email address. That it pretty much it. This
is why you must have an opt- in box on your website or if you are paying for ads ideally send them to a squeeze page.

Most personal trainer’s web sites are like mine was 4 years ago.

Imagine walking into a bar and seeing a pretty girl and saying “let’s get married”. Of course she is going to say no. This is the
same reason you can’t ask someone to commit to spending £1400 with you until they know you.

OK so might get the occasional client like I did which would be the equivalent of getting married in Vegas after 1 night, but that is
rare. Very rare in fact.

Get their email address and then start to woo them instead of asking then for £1400 up front. Date them and don’t try and move in too quickly. Let them get to know you and you will have a greater chance of getting some meaningful action in the long run.

We still have a couple of places left for website strategy calls if you would like some help on what you should have on your website or
if you would like a chat about us doing your sites for you.

Just click on the link below to book yours today


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