November 19, 2013     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

Facebook currently in the process are trialing a new star system on fan pages and business pages. This is currently based on page likes as well as page engagement and also reviews.

To be honest it’s a great way for Facebook to get people to be more involved in their pages and give more value to the fans of the page due to the nature of Facebook being a social network.

Not everyone can see these yet because Facebook are still testing them.

However you can see them on my Facebook page for my boot camp below.


But what does this mean to the average fit-pro or personal trainer who uses their fan page as a way of communicating with people?

Well in my opinion this is just another example of how you are never in control if you are relying on Facebook to run your business.

They can move the goalpost anytime the wish.

They are in total control of you business.

They could even start charging you to let you fans see your posts (hang on a second they are already doing that).

Facebook are a business with shareholders and their aim is to make a profit.

Facebook want to keep users on their site so they can make more money from them by showing them more ads.

To be honest you should be actively trying to drive people away from Facebook and on to your own website.

From there you want to get them to give you their email address by using a squeeze page and an irresistible offer, such as a free week on your boot camp or a free consultation.

You can then market to them away from the noise and pollution of Facebook and build up some KLAT (Know Like and Trust)

You don’t have to stop using FB as a way of getting leads in fact running Facebook ads is one of the cheapest ways to get targeted visitors to your site.  Just be sure to drive them to a squeeze page rather than to your facebook fan page. It will be a little more expensive in the beginning but will work out cheaper for you in the long run because you will have to pay to market to these people again.

Get them on your email list and it will only cost you the price of your Aweber subscription which is only about £15 a month.


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