Personal Trainers: Do You Know Your Target Market?

The biggest challenge for most personal trainers when it comes to their websites is the sales copy. What exactly are your supposed to write?

It’s something that I struggled with for a long time and when I started out I even admit to stealing content from a boot camp in another town because I thought that the content was great and no one would notice. They did notice and I even got an email of the guy in question at the time  and he wasn't happy. It was very very embarrassing for me.

This actually now happens to me as well, I guess you could call it some sort of karma.

The problem with this though apart from the fact that it’s a bit dodgy is that you just become a copycat who isn't really targeting anyone and you end up talking in your competitors language and a s a result you lose your own personality from the copy.

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Rule number 1 here is “Know EXACTLY Who You Are Marketing To”

You must know exactly who you are talking to before you even pick up your pen or open word your laptop or whatever you crazy Mac users use.

Some of the best ads on the TV at the minute are talking directly to certain demographics.

Watch the advert below for Disney World in Florida and try to work out who they are talking to.

Did you manage to work it out?

Once you know this then it allows you to be a lot clearer, stand out and get your message across to the people that you want to hear it..

After all marketing is really just having a conversation with the people that you want to sell your service to so it helps with knowing exactly who you are talking to rather than shooting wildly with a shot gun approach and hoping that you hit someone. In fact you probably will hit someone but they won't be a good fit for you or your fitness business.

Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

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