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Are you wasting your time on SEO or paying someone a lot of money to do it for you?

Just yesterday I was doing a free strategy call here at Internet Fit Pro Northern HQ (which is actually my dining room in Wilmlsow where I live) and she told me that she was spending £200 a month on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with an Indian Firm.


Wow that's is a lot of crazy money to spend without a guarantee of a return I thought. These guys must be laughing all the way to the bank,while people with training businesses are getting frustrated that they are paying for a service they are not getting. I see this all the time.

The thing is that most of these traditional SEO firms are still trying to get you to the top of Google in the traditional way. What they have forgot is that Google has moved on and is now more focused on getting local results that are relevant to local people. (your potential clients)

If you run a personal training business in a small town in the UK then you need to be ranking on Google Local for your your search term which is probably one of 2 things:

  • Personal Trainer “Your Town” or
  • “your Town” Boot Camp.

You don't need to have loads of links to your website built by some dodgy Indian SEO company who are most likely going to spam a load of bulletin boards and other people blogs in any case. Just today I had fellow fit pro Angela “Relentless” Ross ask me how to remove these spammy links because her site had been targeted.

Some guy in the states had paid an SEO company to build links and he ended up getting punished by Google. We call this the Google Slap which can leave you languishing on page 5 or lower for your search terms. (not good for business)

Anyway here is all you need to do to get a good ranking on Google these days as a personal trainer.

  • A Google plus page for your business (along with a Google places for business listing)
  • An actual address in your town (so that Google can send you a postcard with a PIN to prove you area real business
  • Update your website regularly with great content such as a blog
  • Get your clients to leave you reviews

You could also run some Google Adwords Ads that will guarantee you traffic and if you were to spend £200 on that that would get you a lot of visitors. Hell we don't even charge £200 for our VIP membership here at Internet Fit Pro and that includes your website as well as squeeze pages and access to our marketing inner circle.

If you would like to book in for one of these free no obligation calls just click on this link and fill out the application form

Internet Fit Pro


If you were at Paul Mort and Dax Moys event in the North East at the weekend it was great to meet you all (Matt)


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