January 16, 2017     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

By far the hardest thing I've done in the last 12 months is to write my new book “The Clarity Project”. At the minute I currently have 4 beta readers going through it to make sure the system is tight and the info is easy to understand and digest before I run over it for a final time and tidy things up.

Just like my emails though, I wrote the book in my own voice and didn't try to make things too techy.

I use my voice, not the voice of the whatever marketing guru is currently flavour of the month and since I've been in the business and especially the fitness and internet marketing businesses I have seen a few gurus come and go. If you chat to me on the phone or meet me in real life, I'm exactly the same as I am in my emails and that's the key.

I see fit pros making this mistake all the time, copying other successful fitpros and trying to write or show up in the same way, whether it's swearing in their videos and emails or using the same words.

The thing about this is that this works for the gurus because they are mostly actually being themselves and they are being “authentic” in their marketing (I hate that word by the way).

Now me personally I don't normally swear on social media or even in front of my parents, but stick me in a football stadium with my team (Everton 4-0 winners against City yesterday) and you can be sure I will turn the air bluer than Everton's royal blue shirts.

It's all about context, time and place.

What's my advice, just be yourself. That's it. Be You.

If you swear like Gordon Ramsey that's cool, then feel free to drop a few F-bombs now and again but don't do it for effect just because your favourite guru does it.



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