Ever overpaid for something you wanted even when you couldn’t afford it?

It was one of my best mates stag do in Vegas about 5 years ago and he very generously paid for the flights for 5 of us to go to Vegas for 4 nights. The thing is at the time I was flat broke, I'd literally just dropped £4k on an engagement ring for my wife and had started paying for a £5k honeymoon. Funds were tight, but somehow I managed to find the cash for the hotel and enough to go out partying with the lads.

Back in 20015 I paid over £200 for a £30 match ticket for a 6 nations rugby decider in Cardiff and Ireland lost the championship that day as well.

I've paid well over the odds for concerts, football matches, flight upgrades, online courses and even shit I didn't need like the juicer that sits in our kitchen that has maybe been used twice.

So whats the point of this?

Everybody does this and knowing this put you at a competitive advantage above other personal trainers.

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One of the biggest BS excuses I hear in the fitness industry is that people in their town can't afford personal training.

I'm calling Bull Crap on that.

“Everyone's broke” or “no one has any money” is the usual excuses I hear, yet there are plenty of people driving around in big cars, have big flat screen smart TV's, the latest mobile phone and expensive TV subscription TV packages and have £1k treadmills hidden under their beds that don't get used.

Truth is, if you want something you'll always find the money and your potential clients will always do the same.

That's why you gotta stop selling them what they need and start selling them want they want instead.

That my friend where the magic happens.


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