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This morning I'm working out of my local David Lloyd gym, I didn't train this morning but I needed to get out of the house to get some work done and be productive.

I can use the business lounge in here to work and drink ALL the coffee so it's all good.

Anyway wanted to share something with you this morning about how I struggle with procrastination and what I do to combat it.

I've invested in all sorts of mindset systems and training but what I'm finding is that getting shit done on growing your business is down to just 2 things.

Block distractions and tackle your most important task of the day.

“Block and Tackle” as my coach Todd Herman calls it.

Here is some of the stuff I use for productivity and reminders to get off social media.

  • Video speed controller lets me watch online videos on chrome up to 2 x speed and get through them faster:
  • Momentum for chrome keeps me reminded of what my daily theme is when I open a new window.
  • Newsfeed eradicator (image below) also reminds me when I log into Facebook out of habit to get back “to fucking work”
  • I also use a tool called freedom (also antisocial) to block social media and shit I shouldn't be looking at on my PC and my phone.

It's way too easy to get distracted by social media, boobs and memes so better just to block them out before you end up down a 60-minute hole of procrastination.

hope this helps you out


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