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Over the last couple of months I've been doing some 1-1 fitness business coaching with some of the personal trainers who have invested in our SWAT website system.

This was a message in our inner circle group yesterday from one of them Ciaran Clusker.

“Having a great experience with Liam Thompson … 15 new clients in 8 weeks. 17 inquiries in the past 7 days. The most I've ever got. If you can do it or you're thinking about doing it, you really should. Thanks again Liam.  And just had another member bring a friend in at 8pm so up to 18 leads.”

Guess what works for Ciaran?

Keeping it simple

Doing the simple tasks again and again is the key to growth in your business.

Now some people are at different places in their businesses so progress will be different, but the overriding thing I get people to do when we get on a call are are the simple things.

Do the simple shit, do it again and grow your business faster.

Point in case is Ciaran above, we're not doing anything that's new or advanced, just simple stuff like building his email list and making the right offers to the right people and it's working.

It has netted him 15 new clients in the 1st 8 weeks worth around £9k and we are only 2/3 through our 12-week coaching block. Not bad for a £1,150 investment

Simple stuff, that's it.

Don't get sidetracked by shiny crap.

Show up and do the simple stuff again and again!

It's the simple stuff like our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System That Works

Simple trumps complicated every time so don't make things harder than they need to be.


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